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How do I post a photo or video?

Adding your photos or videos is easy!

  • Once you are in a room, click the bottom Menu button and select “Add Content”.
  • Import photos or videos into the ribbon from your camera roll by clicking the “+” icon on the right.
  • Now you can simply drag your thumbnails from the ribbon onto any existing frames on the wall, or just place the item directly onto a blank space and it’s posted.

Here is a short video that shows the process:

How do I make my room public?

Your rooms are private by default. Once you have a room the way you like it, you can set it to be viewable by everyone and listed in the Explore section of the app. To set a room to Public:

  • Once you are in a room, click the bottom Menu button and select “Settings”
  • In the Room Settings panel, toggle the switch to “Public”
  • That’s it! Now your room can be seen by everyone. (Get ready to be Internet famous.)

How do I invite someone to my room?

Your rooms are private by default. To invite other people, you can send them an invitation:

  • Once you are in a room, click the bottom Menu button and select “Invite Friends”
  • In the Invitation panel, select the people you’d like to invite from your connections in Roomful, Facebook, or the contacts saved on your phone.
  • That’s it! Your friend will be notified that you’ve invited them, and you’ll be notified when they accept the invitation.

Here’s a short video showing how to do it:

Are there other people’s rooms I can explore?

It’s great to flex your creativity and make your own rooms, but it’s also really fun to check out what others are doing in Roomful too. We have a section in our world called “Explore”, available from the home screen just for this!

  • From anywhere, click the menu bottom for “Home”
  • In the Home screen menu bar at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the button for “Explore”
  • Now feel free to wander around, check out these rooms, and leave your reactions.
  • Note that all the rooms in Explore section have been set for Public viewing (you can get yours in there too!)


How do I add more space to my room?

Sometimes you need to add more space to your room. Unlike real-life, in Roomful it’s easy (and free!) to extend your rooms so you can add more photos, videos, and furnishing.

  • From inside your room, click the menu bottom for “Room Constructor”
  • You’ll see 2 tabs: one is for adding space to your existing area, and the other is for adding a new style to the end of the room.
  • To add space, drag a thumbnail from the bottom ribbon onto the “+” icons in your room. These show you where you can insert new space.
  • To remove a panel, simply tap the “” icon button. Note that this will remove the wall panel along with any objects in it’s area. It’s a great way to clean up!

Here’s a little video that shows how to operate these tools: