Using Roomful to build 3D Social Space in your Web Sites

Using Roomful you can create personalized 3D spaces where you can socialize with your visitors or friends via built-in video and text chats. And add those gorgeous social spaces to your websites! Let search engines find your company social spaces. Look at our examples below to imagine how you can use it yourself.

Create public 3D showrooms to greet your potential clients

This is the best part – the room you just built on your smartphone you can make public! What better way to meet your potential clients than to greet them in your showroom. How cool is that!

Investor's room

Startup? Need a social, but private space with your investors!

Create your private social room just for investors! Add videos, pictures and  3D models of your products, business plans, pitch decks, white papers, business model generation canvas to your room, place them on walls, blackboards, or store them in file cabinets, bookshelves. Invite investors to your social room!

Team’s virtual space

Invite just your team to your team’s common area. We work virtually! Yes, social space with video chat, text chat, file cabinets, blackboards, bookshelves with reading materials, shared links to your websites at your fingertips.

No longer do I need to maintain a website and my page on the social network. With Roomful my site is social. People can just google it and I can see when they come to my site and talk to them using video chat. I do not need to boost my social page and guess who is looking at my page, instead, I can talk to my visitors right on my website. I can meet new customers and retain them. Having Roomful as a partner is like having a real store in the cloud.

Charlie O.true social

The best thing is that I can live like a King -- on the budget of a pauper!

Robert K.

I love adding my photos and being able to choose a picture frame. It really gives my paintings a boost to see them in a setting like this. Way better than Facebook.

Susan R.