Using the Roomful Smartphone App

Check out a quick overview of our app platform, and see how you'll be creating unique experiences in minutes.

Using the Roomful smartphone and tablet app, you can create personalized 3D virtual spaces and rooms with your very own photos and videos. Customize the furniture, the room style, and add decorations from our library. The result is a beautiful setting in which to tell your stories. Experience their richness in a powerful new way, because they’re instantly available in VR and MR as well.

Drag your photos and videos right onto your walls, and pick the perfect frame for your story.

Hang your Photos on the Virtual Walls

This is the best part – the room you just built on your smartphone is instantly available as an immersive VR experience! You don’t even have to have a headset or goggles to make it happen. But you can invite that techno-geek friend of your to use their Google Cardboard VR, HTC Vive, or Microsoft HoloLens to drop in and really experience your room in full 3D VR. When you get your hands on your own headset, your content is already ready for you to jump in. How cool is that.

Use our 3d library to decorate spaces with style and advanced functionality. The perfect complement to your stories.

Interior Design? You Betcha!

With our room editing tools, and library of interior design elements, you’ll be tapping your way to a custom environment in seconds. Our asset library gives you a variety of tasteful furniture, tables, seating, and accent decor to choose from. You can arrange your rooms to match the feeling of your photos, creating a space that really complements your content and makes the resulting experience more engaging.

Better than real life! You can add wall space and new room areas with the tap of a finger.

Add Wall Space & Creative Areas

It’s a common problem in real-life – you need more space! In Roomful, you can add additional wall space with the click of a button, without having to clean up after the workers leave. Here’s how to make more room to allow you to showcase all your great things. Add new room segments or add unique room extensions from another theme to make an incredible custom experience to share your world.

Invite the people you want into your room, where everyone can add their 2-cents to the story.

Invite some People Over

Once you get things set up… Invite some friends over! Unlike most social media, Roomful is private by default, giving you the security of knowing you’re in your own place. When you want to share,  you simply invite people over – literally using our Invitations to make the experience more meaningful and enjoyable to those you choose to share with. It’s a great way to have just the right content going to just the right people.

Of course, if you want to go big, just set your room to Public and it’ll be promoted to everyone in our featured Explore section where other can discover your great rooms.

The best thing is that I can live like a King -- on the budget of a pauper!

Robert K.

I love adding my photos and being able to choose a picture frame. It really gives my paintings a boost to see them in a setting like this. Way better than Facebook.

Susan R.