Roomful to Provide Their AR/VR App Platform for Lucyd Smartglasses

February 22nd, 2018, Singapore:Lucyd PTE Ltd , the AR smartglass and software developer, is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Roomful to deliver their AR developer app, tools, and experiences on Lucyd Lens smartglasses.

Harrison Gross, Media Lead at Lucyd said,

“We are very excited to work together with Roomful Co to enable Lucyd Lens developers to easily create AR experiences and applications on our platform. Roomful has already developed a powerful app for creating virtual environments that we believe will synchronize extremely well with Lucyd.”

Alex Shtaygrud, CEO of Roomful commented,

“We are thrilled to work together with Lucyd. Roomful has integrated our proprietary AR/VR creation platform with existing VR/MR hardware solutions, and we are constantly looking for a great AR hardware platform. Lucyd’s development of an AR smartglass peripheral to smartphones is a hardware solution we were hoping to appear on the market. Currently, there are two major problems restricting the exponential market growth of AR: bulky HMD hardware, and end-users’ inability to create AR content. We believe both problems are addressed by our new strategic alliance, which  ill bring Roomful’s AR content authoring tools for content creation on Lucyd Lens.”

About Lucyd

Lucyd, pte ltd is developing ergonomic smartglasses and a blockchain app store to power them. The Lucyd blockchain platform will make it easy to create, share and experience AR content. It’s time to look up from your phone and see the world. To learn more please visit

About Roomful

Roomful Co has developed and brought to market the most comprehensive VR/AR/MR creative social media platform. The Roomful platform enables users to create 3D virtual realities without coding and works on any device, not just HMD displays. Roomful users can take their existing content from any source (photo libraries, file systems, the cloud, Youtube, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) into VR space. Roomful platform is also opened for the developer community to publish their unique 3D virtual environments, as well as sophisticated animated 3D models into Roomful Catalogues, ultimately providing endless VR varieties for end-users. To learn more, please visit