3D for all!

Give your story the room to be experienced

Simple AR/VR Authoring from your Smartphone

Build VR on your phone! Experience your room in VR and Mixed Reality. Got the gear? It’s ready when you are.

Rooms you create on your smartphone are instantly available as immersive VR experiences! You don’t even have to own a headset or goggles to make it happen. When you do get your hands on your own headset, your content is already there for you to jump right in.  Your content will be instantly available in Google Cardboard VR, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens, with more leading platforms coming.  Using just your smartphone, you can become a 3D VR rockstar. 

Your room is ready for VR. Simply tap that mode & experience in your headset.

Present your narrated photos to the world. Literally, (with voice) tell your side of the story.

Immersive Storytelling

Quickly create an interactive Storyline, narrated with own voice and music, to tell your stories

Give your “Stories” the perfect setting. Roomful’s Storyline creation tools help you enliven photos and videos to build them into a beautifully immersive story with ease. Record your own voice as you step through your room, add background music, choose a camera style, and voilà! You’ve produced an interactive story to share! Invite friends over or export as a video to post on Facebook and other social networks.

Set the stage

Create & customize your own virtual environments, using a library of room styles and decorations

Using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, choose from our collection of pre-designed room templates to get started. Then unleash your inner interior designer, adding furnishings and decorations to set the stage. You can live like opulent royalty, a modern minimalist, or simply create a cozy cabin destination. Your choices are virtually unlimited.

Your story deserves the perfect backdrop. Set the tone with the right room.

Place frames and objects into the room with the ease of drag and drop.

Drag & Drop

Add your photos and videos onto the wall with the ease of drag & drop

Simply drag photos and videos from your camera roll onto the walls – it’s that easy. Pick the right picture frames and arrange things to suit your excellent taste. Grab your favorite YouTube videos to make a room full of your favorite cat vids, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Socialize and Collaborate

Invite people into your room for a group video chat and screenshare

It’s natural to invite people over to socialize. Group video chat in your rooms is a fun way to play show-and-tell with friends (or prospective business partners), in an environment filled with supporting content. Hang out with your buds in a room of a favorite sports team, or a slick showroom of products you’re demonstrating, or with your family for a virtual Mother’s Day celebration. The real-time interaction makes it a memorable experience for everyone.

Everything is better when friends stop by. Share and collaborate in your room.

What can you do with Roomful?

  • Group Video Chat with friends in your virtual room 

  • Create a virtual gallery of your event and share it on Facebook

  • Businesses can populate a room with private videos, just for their paid members

  • Create a VR showroom experience for your products, without investing in a tech agency to produce it for you

  • Narrate a story about that birthday party you attended complete with music, right from your smartphone, and share it as a memorable video 

Your story deserves a beautiful stage

Get started creating beautiful spaces with your  content