Roomful is your powerful Metaverse

Create highly engaging interactive experiences for Trade Shows, Virtual Offices,
Art Fairs, Science Fairs, Job Fairs, Social Spaces, Virtual Real Estate, Conferences, Webinars.

Metaverse experiences tailored to your audience

Virtual Environments

Create your own Digital Twin, or 3D virtual space as real or better than the place you used to meet

Robust Interaction

Engage and interact with real people presenting the products and people in search for products and solutions

Measured Analytics

Measure your engagement via powerful analytics and turn your engagement into actionable lead generation

Content Management

Unique technology for VR/AR spaces and events with built-in tools for presenting 2D and 3D media content, and text/audio/video collaboration


General Promotion / Overview Demo

Roomful of Art

Products Showroom

Conference in Virtual Javits Center

Roomful Metaverse Unlimited

Digital Twins and Shopping Village

Japaneese Metaverse

Interactive Home

SpaceX Space Station

ABBA Museum

Science Fair

NFTs Art

Movie Theater

With Roomful you can experience it all.

Learn about TEXPO

Social Metaverse for Tech Expos! Organize events in visually rich 3D virtual environments. Set up booths to showcase your products and services with rich media content. Texpo is a viable alternative to live trade shows and a virtual companion to any networking event or show.

Our Solutions

Virtual Museums
Virtual Art Galleries
Virtual Theaters
Virtual Libraries
Virtual Show Rooms and 3D Presentations
Virtual Conferences and Webinars
Virtual Digital Twins for Sports & Entertainment
Virtual Shopping Villages

Our Metaverse Platform Features

Real-time communication via
built-in Spatial Audio with Avatars, Video Chats, Video Conferences, Webinars

Built-in Direct Video and
Audio Calls

Booth Chats

Customizable 3D Spaces

Elastic 3D-spaces (make it
bigger or smaller)

Customizable 3D HDRI

Customizable booths

Customizable 3D objects,
variants of objects, customizable
skinization of objects.

Gamification, create your game
for more engaging experience

3D Animations

We can build your 3D products
for you, or you can upload it to
our platform

Complete Content Management
Service. Upload yourself any
content to your booth, update
your content in Real time for
super engaging presentations.

Personalize your avatars if desired.
Create your 3D presentations
with animated Avatars

User avatars for social
engagement if desired.

Create presentation and
show it in 3D presentation

Customize your background
music, ambient noise.

Custom reports & Google

Share contacts meaningfully

Play videos in your booths
Roomful Offers

Turn key expo solution
Content management
3d modeling and animation services
Reporting – Custom Analytics
White label solutions
Complete customization on any level

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